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I started singing in Church at the age of 8 years old because they paid me. At 21 years old i turned professional and formed the band ‘Rokka’, released one single ‘Come back’ and toured the UK with Dave Berry and the Cruisers.

In 1980 i formed Panza Division during the new wave of British heavy metal. Panza Division had an excellent live reputation and supported many rock acts including, Saxon, Y’N’T, Twisted Sister, Girl, Steve Marriot and Jackie Lynton. We contributed 2 songs Blitz and the Delta 4 to Midlands compilation album ‘Scene of the Crime’ and released the single ‘We’ll rock the world’/’Standing on the outside’

In 1983, the band name changed to ‘The Lonely Hearts’ with Andy Fisher joining on Bass. In 1985 we released ‘FM Fantasy’ to coincide with a tour of U.S.A. The 4 track ep ‘believe’ followed in 1986 with extensive touring in the Uk.

 In 1989 ‘Lonely Hearts’ recorded ‘Wild wind blows’ and won best video in National radio 1 Musician Style Competition, judged by Trevor Horn (Frankie Goes to Holywood) and Lol Creme (10CC). Presentation of the Award and concert were at the Empire London. The band was then invited to New York as part of a showcase of UK talent. The video was also played on M.T.V Power Hour.

In 1990 probably the most bizarre concert we ever did was playing in the Pub in an Episode of Televisions ‘Emmerdale Farm’.That was the start and end of my acting career.When asked on the set “do you play requests”? I reply “no”.If only I knew what was coming next. 1990 was also the year of my last UK recording called ‘Land of Steel’, a song about my hometown featuring legendary Guitarist Frank White and Drummer Pete Gill (Saxon and Motorhead). The promotion concert was at Sheffield City Hall with a 10 piece Band called Glenn Marples Rockestra. The same year I decided to live in Ibiza.  

 During my years here i have been very fortunate to sing alongside some great musicians notably Vic James,Jon Salandriak,Chris Lee,Jurgen Graff,Mike Thomson,           

Chris Bentley,Migue Guerra Alvarez,Alex Cortes,Josep Vives Schilt,John Wardle,Philippe Espezel,Sha,Rob Davidson,Cate Shanks,Alex O’brien,Alan Barke and Andy Fisher.Thanks to you all.

 Calling ourselves on occasion Organised Chaos (it was),Los Domingueros (acoustic set) and the Piste Artists (we were), we have played in Germany,mainland Spain the UK and ski resorts Zermatt (Switzerland), Alpes D’huez (France),Sierra Nevada (Spain) and Andorra.   

A great many tourists have taken home copies of our ‘version’ cd’s over the years and I like to think that sometimes on cold winter evenings they dust them down and relive some happy memories.



The Star , 12/08/2010

Glenn's closer than you think

By David Dunn

SHEFFIELDER abroad Glenn Marples remembers one of his last hometown gigs vividly-

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1979 ‘Rokka’    

‘Come back’/’Touch And Go’ 7” vynyl

1981 ‘Panza Division’

 ‘Blitz’/’the Day the Delta 4 Played Mars’

‘Scene of the Crime’ compilation album 12” vinyl

1982 ‘Panza Division’

‘We’ll Rock The World’/’Standing On The Outside’

Double ‘A’ side 7” vinyl

1985 ‘The Lonely Hearts’

‘Fm Fantasy’/’Young Girl’ 7” vinyl

1986 ‘The Lonely Hearts’

‘Believe/’You’re The One

‘She’s A Rocker’/’Run’ 

12” vinyl EP

1989 ‘Lonely Hearts’

‘Wild Wind Blows’

‘The Great Sheffield CD’

1990 ‘Glenn Marples’

‘Land Of Steel’ CD

2010 ‘Glenn Marples’

‘Get Up’ vynyl CD




3.Get Up

4.Let The Good Times Roll

5.Modern World

6.Idle Hands

7.Tellin’ Me Lies

8.Hola Mate

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All songs copyright PRS-MCPS 2010







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Hamburg Osterstrasse festival

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Sheffield Boardwalk 2010 ( Foto by Glenn Ashley )

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Sheffield Boardwalk 2010 ( Foto by Glenn Ashley )

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